Greek Philosophers Sing for American Idol: (Part 2: Plato)

The judges form American Idol: Season Greek Philosophers. Far left, Steven Tyler, noted rock star and respected philosopher. Center, Jennifer Lopez. Right, Randy Jackson. Image from Wikipedia.

Ryan Seacrest: “With Socrates done for the night now we turn to one of his philosophical students for another musical performance. Ladies and gentlemen, the great Plato!”

[Plato sings, “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey]

Randy Jackson: “Dawg that was amazing. A little pitchy, but those last few notes, man, incredible. That’s a tough call, going with what you feel and singing a song that traditionally comes from pop divas. You’re like a diva, bro. Like a divo.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Randy is so right. Look at me. I’ve got goosepimples. I get them a lot. But my dermatologist tells me they’re strictly from listening to amazing music. And I love what you’re wearing. That straight laced tunic might be thousands of years old, but it looks so good on you baby. Good choice.”

What Steven Tyler Meant to Say: “Plato, people don’t give you enough credit as a serious musician. I can’t count how many times people have said that you wanted to become authoritarian in the Republic and control ballads and such because music has so much power. You at least give music the respect that it deserves. And that famous quote that people attribute to you: ‘Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song,’ I don’t know if that’s your quote, but it suits you, because on finding a song, you definitely found yours. You could’ve selected Peter, Paul and Mary’s ‘Plato’s Song,’ or Jack Johnson’s ‘Slow Down,’ or half a dozen obscure bands that make reference to your Cave. But you chose a less self-serving song and went with the more enduring part of your writings that have soaked into the cultural subconscious. I’m talking about soul mates, that many of us have a partner who once roamed the Forms with us and who we may find here on earth to return to, a spiritual other half that exists so that we really can say, ‘we belong together.’ You make the point perfectly clearer when you sing, ‘When you left I lost a part of me.’ I think I saw you tear up at that point. Many might dismiss the idea of soul mates or twin souls as comic relief from Aristophanes in The Symposium, but you really own up to it. Good job”

What Steven Tyler Actually Said: “Wow. Wow wow wow wow. Just, wow man. You just, wow. I mean really, wow.”


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