The test of how you love something may very well depend on how you laugh at it. From that you might surmise that we love popular culture and intellectual inquiry, yet to be honest, we are not really laughing at either of those things, although we love them very much. We’re laughing at the culture of public intellectuals, and to the degree we engage them, we’re laughing at ourselves. We may love certain ideas and certain media so much that we here combine them to a disastrous and hopefully amusing effect. At most we may expose silly extrapolations and act as a lighthouse averting the ships of critical thinking from smashing on the rocks of poor reasoning. At the very least you might get a laugh or a good-hearted smirk. Either way, enjoy.

By the way, you are welcome to contribute to the blog. Send us your overanalysis of pop culture and join the movement. Send in a submission to waller.matthew@gmail.com.


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